Esthetician Training in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood Esthetics trains Estheticians in Hollywood, Florida. Train to be an Advanced-Mastered Esthetician in Hollywood, Florida.  Are you looking to become your own boss? Do you want to make a difference in the world through wellness? Do you have a passion for wellness and beauty? Going to a training course with Hollywood Esthetics in Hollywood, Florida may be the answer.

An Esthetician is a licensed professional skilled in the art of makeup, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting, acne treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facials, and other state-of-the-art esthetic techniques. Our Advanced Esthetics training can teach you the latest technology in self-care and skin care. If you are already a licensed esthetician, but want to brush up on new skills and new technologies, Hollywood Esthetic’s esthetician training may be a great choice for you.

Hollywood Esthetics offers several different Esthetician training courses in Hollywood, Florida. Our offerings include a one-day lash extension course, or a two-day lash extension course, a body contouring course, and a micro needling course, and more. Whether you are looking to become an Advanced-Mastered Esthetician in Hollywood, Florida or are an esthetician looking to expand your skill-set, Hollywood Esthetics offers Esthetician courses in Hollywood, Florida. Contact Hollywood Esthetics today to learn about our Esthetician training in Hollywood, Florida.

Thinking About Going to an Esthetician Training Course in Hollywood, Florida?

Are you looking for a new career, or want to start a career in esthetics? Hollywood Esthetics offers esthetician training in Hollywood, Florida. Being an esthetician can be a vibrant career. According to, the average hourly salary for an esthetician in the U.S. is $22.72 per hour. While many estheticians work for spas, others work for themselves or open their own spas and wellness centers. Being an Esthetician gives you a range of options and career trajectories—from being able to apply for Esthetician jobs to being licensed to start your own business in beauty and skincare.

The wellness and beauty industry is a vibrant and booming market. McKinsey & Company estimates that the wellness market is currently valued at $1.5 trillion. More people are interested in a wider range of self-care options and see wellness as so much more than just eating healthily and going to the doctor. Many people see getting a regular facial as part of their healthy skincare routine, and more women are looking for a wider range of beauty options, including eyelash extensions and eyebrow tinting. According to Forbes, the beauty industry is valued at $532 billion. As more women are looking for more sustainable beauty solutions, many are shying away from disposable cosmetics like mascara and eyebrow pencils, and looking for more long-lasting solutions. Women also are looking to save time daily on their beauty routines, while also looking to take time out to be pampered. Estheticians offer this to clients.

If you’re thinking of undergoing Esthetician training reach out to Hollywood Esthetics today. Our Esthetician training in Hollywood, Florida offers Esthetician training to get your career started, and specialty courses to expand your Esthetician skill set. Contact us today.

Lash Training: Beginner and Master Courses in Hollywood, Florida

One of the growing areas of esthetics in Hollywood, Florida is the increasing demand for eyelash extensions. According to Grand View Research, the market for false eyelashes was over $1 billion in 2018 and the demand is expected to grow. False lash extensions can dramatically change a person’s appearance and shape the eyes. As more women learn about the benefits of lash extensions, more are seeking them out. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the artistry of the esthetician matters. In many ways, eyelash extension estheticians are sought out in the same way hair stylists are sought—clients look to build a rapport with their esthetician, looking for a person with the artistry and capability of creating a desired look.

Hollywood Esthetics lash training course offers both beginner and master courses for individuals looking to become lash extension estheticians, or beauty professionals looking to expand their services into the area of eyelash extension services. Our lash extension esthetician training in Hollywood, Florida will help you learn the essential skills you need to begin performing eyelash extensions. Our master class on eyelash extension esthetician training in Hollywood, Florida will help you learn and refine the fine art of shaping the eye, and tailoring your lash-work to meet the needs of your clients. Eyelash extensions are only as good as the esthetician performing the extensions. A lash esthetician needs to understand eye shape, face shape, and a person’s natural lash formation and then create extensions that best compliment the person’s natural lashes, natural eye, and face shape. Some clients might come in with an idea that they want a “cat eye” or other type of lash extension, but may not realize that this might not best compliment their face. A lash extension esthetician trained in lash extensions at esthetician school in Hollywood, Florida can guide a client toward the lash extensions that will best compliment their face and eye shape.

Looking to learn how to do lash extensions in Hollywood, Florida? Hollywood Esthetics is an esthetician school in Hollywood, Florida that offers both beginner and master classes in eyelash extensions. Want to grow your esthetician business, or want to change careers, and become your own boss? Want to improve your esthetics repertoire? Reach out to Hollywood Esthetics today to register for our eyelash extension training programs.

Choosing an Esthetician Course in Hollywood, Florida

When choosing an Esthetician course in Hollywood, Florida, you’ll want to learn about the curriculum offered, learn about whether the training program prepares you for licensure, and learn about whether the program is flexible and meets the needs of your current schedule. Various esthetician training programs offer different areas of focus, and the esthetician school you choose will depend on the area of focus you want. For example, Esthetician training programs may focus on massage, and others may focus on skincare, but a leading Esthetician school will cover basic concepts, like massage, skin care, skin analysis, body wraps, aromatherapy, anatomy and physiology, diseases and body systems, safety and sanitation, and offer career development.

Hollywood Esthetic offers a range of esthetician training courses, including career development courses and courses on state-of-the-art and new techniques. The wellness and beauty industry is constantly evolving and growing, and new techniques are always being refined and popularized. At Hollywood Esthetics, we offer courses in leading and new techniques including eyelash extension courses and more to give you the skills you need to become an esthetician.

Do you want to learn more about Hollywood Esthetics’ Esthetician training programs? Reach out to us today to learn more about our curriculum and classes. We can help you launch the next chapter of your life, and your new career.

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