Eyelash Extension Training in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood Esthetics offers eyelash extension training courses in Hollywood, Florida. Are you an esthetician looking to expand your menu of services and want to add eyelash extensions to your service options? Are you looking for a career change or do you want to become your own boss? Hollywood Esthetics offers eyelash extension training, both beginner and master courses. Get certified as an eyelash extension esthetician or master the art of eyelash extensions through a master class. Contact Hollywood Esthetics to reserve your spot today.

Eyelash extensions are growing increasingly popular. According to Grand View Research, the eyelash extension market is currently valued over $1 billion and it is expected to grow. Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty item and self-care option. Unlike mascara, eyelash extensions last longer. Eyelash extensions are applied strand by stand to your natural eyelashes, and are shaped to compliment the eye, accentuate the natural lashes, and match a client’s face. Because the procedure involves the placement of eyelashes lash by lash, the procedure can be time-consuming, costly, and requires a trained eyelash extension technician to perform. Hollywood Esthetics offers eyelash extension training to help you get certified in eyelash extensions. Book your space in our eyelash extension training course today.

Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum at Hollywood Esthetics

The eyelash extension training at Hollywood Esthetics is detailed and thorough. Whether you are a beginner learning how to do eyelash extensions or are already trained in eyelash extensions and are looking to master your skills, our eyelash extension training can help you develop your career as an esthetician. In our eyelash extension training we cover:

• Lash Types. We review the various lash types used in eyelash extension. This includes j-curl, b-curl, c-curl, cc-curl, d-curl, l-curl, and l-lift lashes. We review the various lash thickness and lengths available.

• Eye Types. In our eyelash extension training we review the various lash and eye types. Eyelash extensions are a little like styling hair or cutting hair, there are various styles and options to compliment various eye and face types. We’ll cover the various lash styles, from natural styles, to “cat eye” and “baby doll” styles.

• Lash Application. In our lash extension training, we cover the basics of preparing your client for the eyelash extension service, isolating each lash extension, and applying each lash.

• Hands-On Training. Of course, theory is one thing, and actually applying lashes to an actual client is another thing entirely. This is why we offer eyelash extension hands-on training.

During the training, you’ll be supervised and guided on safe practices. Class sizes during eyelash extension trainings are kept small to ensure personalized attention from instructors and the chance to properly learn and apply techniques.

Spaces are limited in our eyelash extension course. Book your space today at Hollywood Esthetics.

Eyelash Extension Training

What will you learn on day one of your eyelash extension training? On day one you’ll learn the following:

• What are Eyelash Extensions? In this module, you’ll learn basic definitions of eyelash extensions and theory.

• Health and Sanitation. Keeping your clients safe and healthy during the procedure should be your top priority. We’ll review sanitation procedures to keep clients safe and health guidelines to meet standards.

• Lash and eye anatomy. Learn the different eyelash shapes, eye shapes, and eyelash lengths and thickness.

• Eyelash application process. Learn the actual process of isolating each lash and gluing them on one by one.

• Eye Shapes. Learn the different eye shapes and styles so that you can personalize your consultations with clients.

• Curls lengths and diameters. Shaping the eye requires knowledge of the various types of lash extensions available.

• Principles of lash design.

• Aftercare. Client satisfaction can depend on the lashes lasting as long as possible. Learn proper aftercare techniques so you can teach your clients how to best care for their new eyelash extensions.

• Removal of extensions.

• Client consultation.

• Live model demonstration.

Hollywood Esthetics offers eyelash extension training courses. Openings are limited and class size is small. Contact Hollywood Esthetics to book your spot today.

Lash Extension Kit Includes

  • Mannequin head with replacement eyelids
  • precision tweezers
  • Lash Extension glue
  • Glue remover
  • Classic/Volume individual lashes
  • Lash glue rings
  • Eyelash brushes
  • Rechargeable fan
  • hydrogel pads
  • Round glue stickers
  • Mapping guide
  • Micro applicators
  • Eyelash tape
  • Tote kit Bag

Other Courses Offered at Hollywood Esthetics

Hollywood Esthetics also offers a range of courses geared to expand and supplement the knowledge of trained estheticians. The field of esthetics is constantly evolving and growing. Stay up to date on the latest procedures by booking a class with Hollywood Esthetics today.

Looking to change careers? Looking to expand your menu of options at your spa or salon? Looking to learn a new skill. Hollywood Esthetics offers a range of esthetics courses for beginners and advanced estheticians alike. Our courses include:

  • Body Contouring
  • Chemical Peel Training
  • MicroDermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • Lash Extension Master and Beginners Course

Contact Hollywood Esthetics to reserve a spot in our next class today. Join our leading instructors in learning some of the cutting-edge skills in esthetics. Wellness and beauty is a growing industry with billions of dollars spent on beauty and wellness every year. Join a growing industry and take a course with Hollywood Esthetics today.

Lash Tech Course Manual with Step by Step guide