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Hollywood Esthetics is a massage spa in Hollywood, Florida offering a range of massage therapies to help you unwind and find sanctuary within yourself. Our massage therapists work to recalibrate your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed. Whether you’re looking for a massage therapist, looking for massage therapy, or in need of some self-care, Hollywood Esthetics offers a range of massage services. Contact us today to book your next massage.

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Massage therapy involves the application of pressure to the body’s muscles and soft tissues to release toxins, stress, and alleviate pain. Body work or massage can help you feel better after intense workouts or training, after long periods of stress, or it can be a great way to unwind and recharge after a long workweek. Many professionals use massage to keep their minds and bodies in top shape and to prepare them for best performance during the workweek. Hollywood Esthetics offers massage therapy in Hollywood, Florida. Contact us today to book a massage with one of our Hollywood, Florida massage therapists.

Benefits of Massage

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Many of us think of massage therapy as an essential component of regular self-care. When it comes to de-stressing, detoxing, and unwinding, massage therapy is a great way to rebalance and feel better. When we think of taking a spa day, massage is a key component of any spa and relaxation treatment. Most of us don’t need the research to tell us that a good massage performed by a skilled massage therapist helps them feel better, feel less stress, and feel relaxed after a massage.

While many people self-report increased well-being after a massage, what does the research say? While more research needs to be done to confirm the benefits of massage, researchers writing in the journal of Rehabilitation Science noted some key and important benefits.

• Increased Blood Flow. According to researchers writing in the journal Rehabilitation Science, scientists believe that one of the reasons why massage works so well is because it increases blood flow to muscles and soft tissues. Increased blood flow can also increase flexibility, which can reduce the risk of injury. Blood flow in an area of injury or pain can also promote healing and rejuvenation.

• Increased Heating. Massage can increase the heat around the muscles being manipulated. Just like you’d put a warm compress on a hurt muscle, massage naturally warms the muscles, promoting well-being and healing.

• Reducing Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. Researchers writing in the journal Rehabilitation Science noted several studies that indicate that massage can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. That sense of well-being and relaxation isn’t just mental, it’s physical.

• Reducing Pain and Muscle Spasms. Research has also found that massage therapy has the potential to reduce muscle spasms. Massage can reduce muscle soreness and tension.

• Stress Relief. Anyone who has gotten a massage can tell you that it’s a great way to de-stress and recharge.

There have also been other reports about massage’s potential benefits. For example, according to Self, massage has been reported as being used as a complimentary or supportive therapy for fibromyalgia patients. Massage has also been reported to provide tension headache relief. While massage isn’t a cure for any illness or injury, research indicates that massage therapy can be incorporated into a healing and treatment plan.

Historically, massage has been a key component of healing and wellness in many ancient medicinal traditions. While massage is not often considered a key component of modern western medicine, many researchers are becoming more interested in its benefits. In fact, massage is being incorporated into more physical therapy regimes and into more holistic treatment plans, to great benefit to patients and clients. As more researchers learn about the benefits of massage, more physicians are considering incorporating it into holistic treatment plans for patients.

Wellness is so much more than taking medicines and going to the doctor. Mind and body balance, and physical touch can go a long way to improving body systems and rebalancing mood and physical stress. Hollywood Esthetics are not medical physicians, but our massage therapists are trained to offer a range of massage services to help you feel your best.

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Finding the Right Massage Therapist in Hollywood, Florida

Finding the right massage therapist is an important step in your wellness and healing journey. Massage therapists each have their own style and finding someone whom you trust and whose massage skills match your needs is important. Are you looking for a massage therapist in Hollywood, Florida? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your next massage therapist:

• Find a massage therapist in Hollywood, Florida who aligns with your goals and needs. Why are you looking for in a massage? Is it to reduce strain and pain, reduce stress, or to accompany physical therapy, or to complement sports training? Reach out to Hollywood Esthetics to be matched with a massage therapist who can meet your specific needs.

• Talk to a massage therapist in Hollywood, Florida today. Looking for a consultation with a massage therapist? Reach out to Hollywood Esthetics to speak to a massage therapist today.

• Get a massage treatment plan. Everyone’s needs are unique. Depending on your goals, your massage therapist can develop a tailored treatment plan to meet your needs. Some treatment plans might include weekly massages while others might include occasional massages. Everyone’s needs and preferences are unique.

Some people try different massage therapists in Hollywood, Florida before finding the right match for them. Are you looking for a massage therapist in Hollywood, Florida? Reach out to Hollywood Esthetics today.

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