Waxing in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood Esthetics offers waxing services in Hollywood, Florida. We offer both bikini and Brazilian waxes and offer a range of wax types. We’ll explore the various types of waxing procedures we perform below, but if you’re not sure which is best for you, reach out to the waxing specialists at Hollywood Esthetics today for a consultation and to book your next waxing appointment.

Want to remove body hair? Waxing can get the job done. Waxing is best done by an expert esthetician who knows how hot to make the wax, the direction to place the wax for optimal removal, and can remove the wax quickly for optimal removal. Waxing jobs can target hair on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, eyebrows, and upper lip. Need to book your regular waxing appointment? Reach out to Hollywood Esthetics for waxing in Hollywood, Florida.

Bikini Waxing in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood Esthetics offers bikini waxing treatments in Hollywood, Florida. Contact us today to book your next bikini wax. A bikini wax in Hollywood, Florida removes the hair along your bikini line. Want to be beach ready? A bikini wax is a longer-lasting way to get you looking your best.

If this is your first-time getting a bikini wax, you might be wondering what the difference is between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax. A bikini wax only removes hair that would be seen when you’re wearing a typical bikini bottom. Think of a bikini wax as a little clean-up so that you are bikini-ready. A Brazilian wax takes things to the next step. With a Brazilian wax all the hair down there is removed. Whether you are preparing to schedule an appointment for a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax, the bikini wax specialists at Hollywood Esthetics in Hollywood, Florida are here to help you get the style and look you want.

Brazilian Waxing in Hollywood, Florida

The Brazilian waxing specialists at Hollywood Esthetics in Hollywood, Florida can leave you looking your best. Unlike a bikini wax, where the hair around the bikini line is removed, a Brazilian wax removes all the hair down there. With a Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the front of the pubic area, the back, and in-between the buttocks, to give you a full-on nude look. Whether you’re looking to go full on nude, to have your hair styled, or are looking for a light bikini wax, the specialists at Hollywood Esthetics are here for you.

Will my Bikini or Brazilian Wax Hurt?

Many people wonder whether their bikini or Brazilian wax will hurt. Let’s get real. It will hurt a little, but everyone has different pain tolerance. Some people experience only mild discomfort while some say it hurts more. Taking a mild painkiller before your appointment can help with pain, and a trained esthetician can perform the procedure way better than you can at home. (READ: likely less painful!). The type of wax used can also impact pain. Hard wax sticks to the hair and doesn’t require a waxing strip, while soft wax sticks to your skin. Healthline reports that soft wax may hurt a little more than hard wax because soft wax can stick to the skin. Your esthetician can guide you into determining the best solution for your needs and skin sensitivity.

Here’s one final point to keep in mind from Healthline. Some people feel more sensitive around the bikini area before, during, and after their period, so scheduling your procedure at the best time during your cycle can help you have the best experience.

Thinking about booking your next bikini or Brazilian wax? Reach out to the Hollywood, Florida bikini wax and Brazilian wax specialists at Hollywood Esthetics today.

Preparing for Your Waxing Appointment in Hollywood, Florida

If this is your first waxing appointment, you may want to know how to prepare and may be wondering whether it will hurt. First off, how much waxing will hurt depends largely on your pain tolerance, and on the skill of the waxing esthetician. A skilled waxing specialist can remove the wax quickly to limit how much the waxing hurts. In order to have an effective wax performed, you’ll want to let your hair grow anywhere from a quarter to a half an inch. The day before your wax job, you are recommended to not exfoliate your skin, and to avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you are concerned about swelling and pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever thirty minutes before your appointment with your waxing specialist in Hollywood, Florida.

Waxing vs. Shaving

When it comes to removing hair, it is important to note that waxing is totally different from shaving. Shaving simply cuts the hair at the skin level, while waxing pulls the hair out from the root. Hair regrows fairly quickly with shaving, because you’re just trimming the hair right at the skin. Hair regrows more slowly after waxing because the hair has to regrow down at the root.

Whether to wax or shave is a personal choice, but many people prefer the longer-lasting smoothness of a well-done waxing job. With shaving hair grows back usually within around three days, while with waxing hair can be gone for anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks. When hair grows back after waxing, it also typically grows back in thinner and finer. Waxing also has added benefits in addition to shaving. When the hair is removed by applying wax, the skin is also exfoliated in the process. At the end of the day, waxing leaves you with longer-lasting results. The waxing specialists in Hollywood, Florida at Hollywood Esthetics are here to help you with all your waxing needs.

Book Your Next Bikini or Brazilian Wax in Hollywood, Florida

Looking to book your next bikini or Brazilian wax? The bikini and Brazilian wax specialists at Hollywood Esthetics in Hollywood, Florida are here for you. We offer quality skincare and waxing treatments that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Contact our waxing salon in Hollywood, Florida today. We can consult with you about the best type of waxing procedure for your preference, and the best process for you.